Friday, February 10, 2017

Death Brings New Life

This is the story of a tree. A tree rooted in-front of my office There's nothing extraordinary or outstanding about this tree except...for whatever reason, this tree was cut down to a stump. Maggot food. Dead as far as all were concerned.

Months later, this cut down, maggot eaten, dried up tree has sprouted new branches with healthy green leaves.

You know this tree. This tree is you.

You may remember the period in your life when you were cut down, your growth prevented, left for dead. You went through a period of desolation and despair. You learned to do with less, to bide your time, to weather the storm, to survive the "maggots" eating through your structure. Presently it's, thankfully, a memory and a testimony. Presently, new life is evident, you are growing, you are fresh and green.

If you are going through your "cut down" period, take heart in knowing it doesn't represent the end. New life and growth is possible. An opportunity to be better than you were before. An opportunity to say to everyone who thought you were dead; "look at me now".


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Your Personality When You Undress

How you get undressed reveals your personality ........!!

  1. If you throw your clothes all over the place, you are a friendly, life-of-the-party type. You are free with your thoughts and opinions, not caring much about what others think of you. Your parents might think your room looks like a cyclone hit it but it actually represents your happy, individualistic nature.
  2. If you remove each piece of clothing and put it away carefully, you are a serious person who likes her life to be very calm. You are comfortable with routine, and you believe that the best way to deal with life's problems is to prevent them in the first place. You are a perfectionist. By nature you are quite shy. You are observant and you know more about some people than they think, just because you've watched them. You are dependable and sometimes intense. You think carefully before making decisions. You go about your tasks methodically, with concentration. You know how to pay attention.
  3. If you take off the shirt, and ten minutes later get around to the pants, you are an extremely self-confident person. You are naturally bright and intellectual. You are also a deep thinker who loves to ask questions and ponder the meaning of things. You hate being rushed and you do not like to be hassled. Usually you like a lot of free time for yourself.
  4. If you get out of your clothes as quickly as possible, you are concerned about others and what they expect from you, but you're worried about your own needs. You are family-oriented, and stay extremely busy. You often feel stressed, but most of those heavy expectations come from your own head! Give yourself a break; you don't have to be perfect.
  5. If you take off your rings, earrings, necklace, watch, et cetera before anything else, you are a warm and sensitive person. You are considerate and thoughtful, and you give good advice to your friends. You are a natural born romantic.
  6. If you don't have an undressing routine and you never do it the same way twice, you are a very curious and interesting person. You enjoy a broad range of activities. You take risks and enjoy fun and adventure. You are very social.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Look at me now...

Eyes black and blue, can hardly see
Ribs aching, arm/leg in a cast
Doctor gives a knowing look
I'm very accident prone.

Used until my usefulness was outlived
Belittled, berated, besmirched
Drained of emotion
Afraid to share.

To all the abusers, bullies, haters, emotional vampires....
To all who've ever done me wrong....

Thanks for beating me to the floor....
....I know this is where I don't want to, or will ever, be again.
Thanks for the name calling, the back-biting, the jeering, the self-centeredness....
....I developed my self esteem, self worth, myself.

I'm stronger, taller, wiser, prouder, focused, driven, at peace, open, selfless.
Because of where I've been and what I've felt,
I know where I need to be....
....and it's owed all to you.

My only regret, this is what it took for my inner strength to be realized.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why a ship is called "SHE"

A ship is called "she" because there is always a great deal of "Bustle" around her and there is usually a gang of "men" about.
She has a "waist" and stays in "shape" for a long time.
It takes a lot of "paint" to keep her looking good and it is not the initial expense that breaks you, it is the "upkeep."
It takes an experienced man to handle her correctly and, without a man at the helm, she is absolutely uncontrollable.
She can be all "decked out."
She shows her "top side," hides her "bottom," and when coming into port, always heads for the "buoys."
 -- Anon

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Enjoying the Smart TV experience without the Smart TV price

Samsung 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV
Are you thinking about getting a Smart TV? Not too inclined on spending all that money on purchasing said Smart TV especially when you have a perfectly working LCD/LED TV? Not to worry. You can still enjoy the Smart TV experience without hurting your pocket.

A Smart TV is one that allows a connection to the Internet. For many new TVs, this means access to a collection of apps (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, etc), a web browser (e.g. Chrome), and access to home network files. In order to do this, the TV needs access to the Internet by connecting it to a router and broadband.

So how do you get the Smart TV experience without springing for a new TV. Pretty easy. Get a set-top box; Roku, Apple TV or Google TV.

Roku Streaming Player

Roku is a small box that connects to your home network via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi signal and streams over 300 channels to your television set. You connect the Roku to your TV through the included AV cables or HDMI cable. The only other connection you’ll need to make is plugging the Roku unit into a wall outlet.

Apple TV
Apple TV is a tiny entertainment powerhouse that plays the content you love from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and your favorite sports leagues on your widescreen TV. In up to 1080p HD. Setting up Apple TV takes almost no time at all. Just plug the power cord into the wall and connect Apple TV to your widescreen TV using an HDMI cable. Since everything streams wirelessly to Apple TV using your Wi-Fi network, that’s all you need.
Google TV

Google TV is a Smart TV platform from Google co-developed by Intel, Sony and Logitech. Google TV integrates the Google Chrome browser to create an interactive television overlay on top of existing Internet television and WebTV sites. As well as making it easier to find stuff to watch from your existing TV service, Google TV enhances the TV you’re used to with over 100,000 movies and TV episodes on demand, thousands of YouTube channels, apps, & more content coming all the time.