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Zune Nightmare

I found myself united with a huge number of persons across the world through my 30GB Zune. This should have been a good thing, especially with Microsoft promoting the Zune social. Unfortunately, we were all united by a malfunctioning device.

Microsoft day after day has been getting on my bad side and this put the icing on the cake. I've been anti-Microsoft for quite a while and only chose the Zune because of cost. It's not an iPod but it got the job done. I put up with its dependency on the Zune software and it actually became a much used device.

Imagine my chagrin when I turn it on one day, New Year's Eve to be exact, only to see it freeze. I thought it very strange and had to crack open this wonderful device in order to reset it. Worked fine afterwards, or so I thought. Woke up New Year's Day and what do I see...yup you guessed it, a frozen Zune. I'm worried now. Is this thing really broken? Will I have to find a replacement?

After scouring the net for a while I le…