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Look at me now...

Eyes black and blue, can hardly see
Ribs aching, arm/leg in a cast
Doctor gives a knowing look
I'm very accident prone.

Used until my usefulness was outlived
Belittled, berated, besmirched
Drained of emotion
Afraid to share.

To all the abusers, bullies, haters, emotional vampires....
To all who've ever done me wrong....

Thanks for beating me to the floor....
....I know this is where I don't want to, or will ever, be again.
Thanks for the name calling, the back-biting, the jeering, the self-centeredness....
....I developed my self esteem, self worth, myself.

I'm stronger, taller, wiser, prouder, focused, driven, at peace, open, selfless.
Because of where I've been and what I've felt,
I know where I need to be....
....and it's owed all to you.

My only regret, this is what it took for my inner strength to be realized.