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Speed up Windows

If you're like me, waiting even a few seconds for your machine to complete a task can be pretty annoying and irritating. Well, here are some tips I came across by MaximumPC that can help speed up Windows and prevent you from throwing your machine out a window.
1. Reduce App Start-Up Too many programs competing to start when the machine boots can add to your frustration of waiting to get some "work" done. To remove some of the bloat go to the Start menu and type msconfig. Click the Startup tab in console window that appears. You'll see a list of programs scheduled to start when Windows does.This is where it gets tricky. Some of the items in the list are actually needed for Windows to run so you'll have to disable with care.
2. Clean Up Your Hard Drive The PC will, over time, become clogged with unwanted files which cause slower speeds. Getting rid of the clutter can actually improve performance. CCleaner is a nifty, and free, little tool that can help you reclaim that…