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Enjoying the Smart TV experience without the Smart TV price

Are you thinking about getting a Smart TV? Not too inclined on spending all that money on purchasing said Smart TV especially when you have a perfectly working LCD/LED TV? Not to worry. You can still enjoy the Smart TV experience without hurting your pocket.

A Smart TV is one that allows a connection to the Internet. For many new TVs, this means access to a collection of apps (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, etc), a web browser (e.g. Chrome), and access to home network files. In order to do this, the TV needs access to the Internet by connecting it to a router and broadband.

So how do you get the Smart TV experience without springing for a new TV. Pretty easy. Get a set-top box; Roku, Apple TV or Google TV.

Roku Streaming Player

Roku is a small box that connects to your home network via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi signal and streams over 300 channels to your television set. You connect the Roku to your TV through the included AV cables or HDMI cable. The only other connection you’ll need t…

Gift -> Pariah day you're a joy to be around, a gift, a blessing......the next day (literally) you're a pariah, the devil incarnate, a scourge. In the blink of an eye, the tick of a clock, you've experienced the extremes of the human condition......emotions.

What does one do in this case?

Live your life for you. Spending time focusing on people's transient view of you distracts you from being the best you that you can be. It's not easy but then again, nothing worth doing was ever easy.