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The Future

malevolent god?????

if a god is willing to prevent evil but not able, then he is not omnipotent;
if he's able but not willing, then he must be malevolent;
if he's neither able nor willing then why call him a god;
why else do bad things happen to good people?
~Franklyn (2008)

“Deus tantum me iudicabit”

It was Wednesday January 31, 1979 when Henry and Beverly were blessed with a blue-eyed bouncing baby boy. This baby's name was Henry and he grew into somewhat of a normal young man.

Henry was taught good Christian values as a child and these values helped shaped how he went about his daily life.

"Every man dies, not every man really lives." ~William Ross Wallace

Henry's life was influenced by vampires, samurai, assassins and mercenaries. The thought of the undead and killers for hire was an intriguing concept which helped shape his life. Henry became a man who was able to make decisions without being hampered by emotions.

Henry has been different things to different people: a friend, a listening ear, a warm smile, a broad back, a clear mind, comfort, kleenex (his favorite), pretty eyes. OK, only sure about the pretty eyes. ;-) He tried to make a difference in the life of others, a positive difference, and hoped he did. Only time will tell. Wait, only persons whose lives …

It Happened Again......

I find it quite interesting that for someone involved in the field of technology, electronic devices (phones specifically) just keep dying around me after about a year of use. They don't fall and break or get stolen or virus infected or anything. I just take up this device one day and it's no longer working.

My year started with my Zune acting up but I didn't feel bad simply because it was a Microsoft glitch. The latest victim is my Samsung U600. There I was today using my phone when I realize that my menu buttons have stopped responding.

When the phone is open, the keypad works but the menu buttons don't. When the slider is closed, after unlocking, the menu buttons work just fine but, surprise, surprise, I have no access to the keypad. At least I can still receive calls but if you're not in my address book don't expect a call from me. I'll have to live with this for another week or so until my new baby gets to me, the LG KP500 Cookie.

I'll let you know in…