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The optimist in me believes I'll get an answer one day. The pessimist I'm me believes I'm wasting my time waiting for an answer. The realist in me has forgotten the question and moved on.

What are the odds?

So I'm in the supermarket and hear Yoda telling me that my phone is ringing...only it's not my phone. It belongs to someone else. What are the odds of running into a total stranger with the very same Star Wars ring tone as mine. So you know what I did.....I quickly changed my ringtone from Yoda to Darth Vader.

This cannot be happening....

I think I may be getting jealous. I've never been jealous. Quite frankly I don't even think I know how to be jealous so I really don't know where this feeling is coming from. The bottom line though is that it's seriously pissing me off......Sent from my Nokia E63