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The Quest for Peace

An overwhelming need to be at peace pervades my very existence....Sent from my Nokia E63

Asked and Received

I've generally had the habit of telling people to be careful what they ask for as they may just get it. I must admit that I've fallen victim to said adage.I had the pleasure/pain of experiencing something that has not only been missing from my life but something that I need. A pleasurable experience because it felt good. I felt whole. I was honestly happy.A painful experience because now that thing is gone and I'm only left with the reminder of what's been missing from my life. The new (and expanded) life that my pre-existing emptiness has gained.At this point I cannot be convinced that ignorance isn't absolute bliss...Sent from my Nokia E63

Stuck between Love and a Hard Place

It's often said that you should fight for what/who you love. Climb mountains, cross valleys, kill crocodiles, swat mosquitos, do whatever it takes to be with your love.
The question is, what do you do when the obstacle you have to overcome and the goal you're trying to achieve is one and the same? How does one handle the dilemma of having to fight the person you love so you can get the person you love...?

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