Stuck between Love and a Hard Place

It's often said that you should fight for what/who you love. Climb mountains, cross valleys, kill crocodiles, swat mosquitos, do whatever it takes to be with your love.
The question is, what do you do when the obstacle you have to overcome and the goal you're trying to achieve is one and the same? How does one handle the dilemma of having to fight the person you love so you can get the person you love...?

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  1. What if the person that you think u love isn't actually the person that u do love or should love?what if the person that u should love is the one that loves you? from my analysis,love is a blood-sucking and body draining substance that if you are not careful you will give to the wrong person.even when we are not looking we are all waiting and searching for that one thing that we can only share with another.

  2. Sounds like love has left you scarred....

  3. Lets just say experience do teach has left me wiser not scarred...ok maybe a little bit scarred...but the question is was it worth it? so for u was it worth it?


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