Relationship Woes

So I've been putting this off for some time now but I guess I need to put it out there.

Before I go any further let me just create the frame of reference that I'll be using during the course of this post.

Fantasy: 19 - 25, Ideal/Perfect: 26 - 33, Tricky: > 34

Ok, so I'm a relatively young man in my early 30s and of late I've been having these weird ideas of finding a companion (female of course), who was made just for me, and settling down. What's the problem you may ask, especially with so many women around?

I've interacted with a lot of females in the "fantasy" category and most are willing, sometimes too willing. They are young and impossibly good looking, as the category name suggests. Again you ask, what's the problem? Outside of physical attraction, there exists the possibility that there wouldn't be a solid connection. Females in the "fantasy" category are oft-times focused on the material things (cars, money, clothes, parties, etc) and are still trying to figure out what they want out of life.

Leaving from fantasy to ideal/perfect is where it gets rather interesting. The "ideal" woman is now either a parent, bitter, baggage laden, career oriented, or all of the above. They've enjoyed themselves in the fantasy stage and are now dealing with the effects of such. Coming out of bad relationships (sometimes many) they bear the scars/luggage that make it hard to be with. For the career-driven woman, all her time is dedicated to achieving all her goals and proving herself strong that there is no time for a relationship.

Finally, this is where it gets tricky, the older woman. Here's a woman who is totally independent and a man is merely an accessory, nice to have around but not really necessary.

There are some interesting days ahead.

N.B. I'm no expert on the wonder known as woman nor do I purport to be. It's just the ramblings of a tortured mind and I seriously hope I'm wrong.


  1. You are both right and wrong. I think most times we have a particular outlook that we want in a mate, and regardless of who we meet we're unconsciously looking for them to fit that mould..

  2. Henry,despite the fact that I am a woman,but your observations are true. It's either we are searching for who we are, which is sometimes pointless or we keep ourselves busy shutting out an opportunity that may just be the one we were looking for despite the struggles and complications we have been through. Our minds are so far off that we don't even know.

  3. At times....rare u may find a woman in the fanatsy stage whose life isnt focus on material thing..the ideal woman who doesnt carry alot of baggage *and baggage is one thing that travels up all level*...the carrier oriented one who still makes time for love and the tricky one who is just dying to find someone to share her accomplishments with. As i said rare, but they are out there.


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