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Death Brings New Life

This is the story of a tree. A tree rooted in-front of my office There's nothing extraordinary or outstanding about this tree except...for whatever reason, this tree was cut down to a stump. Maggot food. Dead as far as all were concerned.
Months later, this cut down, maggot eaten, dried up tree has sprouted new branches with healthy green leaves.
You know this tree. This tree is you.
You may remember the period in your life when you were cut down, your growth prevented, left for dead. You went through a period of desolation and despair. You learned to do with less, to bide your time, to weather the storm, to survive the "maggots" eating through your structure. Presently it's, thankfully, a memory and a testimony. Presently, new life is evident, you are growing, you are fresh and green.
If you are going through your "cut down" period, take heart in knowing it doesn't represent the end. New life and growth is possible. An opportunity to be better than you wer…