Zune Nightmare

I found myself united with a huge number of persons across the world through my 30GB Zune. This should have been a good thing, especially with Microsoft promoting the Zune social. Unfortunately, we were all united by a malfunctioning device.

Microsoft day after day has been getting on my bad side and this put the icing on the cake. I've been anti-Microsoft for quite a while and only chose the Zune because of cost. It's not an iPod but it got the job done. I put up with its dependency on the Zune software and it actually became a much used device.

Imagine my chagrin when I turn it on one day, New Year's Eve to be exact, only to see it freeze. I thought it very strange and had to crack open this wonderful device in order to reset it. Worked fine afterwards, or so I thought. Woke up New Year's Day and what do I see...yup you guessed it, a frozen Zune. I'm worried now. Is this thing really broken? Will I have to find a replacement?

After scouring the net for a while I learn that I won't have to replacemy Zune. Why? A simple problem with the software. Apparently, it can't handle the leap year. In this day and age, when technology is the centerpiece of our daily existence I hear that the reason for my device failure is the extra day added to February. I thought Y2K was bad enough but this really takes the cake. A modern device will not operate because of an extra day in the year.

Is this the first ever leap year? Wasn't this "little" event taken into consideration when the software was designed? Wait a minute, why did it only affect the 30GB Zune and none of the later releases? Microsoft isn't telling all but that's to be expected as it's the standard modus operandi for the software giant. If anything, this only reinforces my belief that Microsoft doesn't repect us enough to put out a product that actually works the first time around.


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