Someone for Everyone

"There's someone for everyone...." This is a line that has been written, said, and sung over the years which many alove sick pup has hung on to for dear life. I have my doubts but I'm not debating it.
I'm just curious about something. Is it possible that you could meet the person that's right for you but you're wrong for them? You would have found your someone but your partner would still be searching. Hmmm.......


  1. Aaron(arun)9:30 AM

    What up Mr Osbourne,came across your blog, so i figured id drop a line and say happy new year. i read the blog you wrote titled someone for got me paranoid now hahaha...i hope my girl isnt searching for someone else....

  2. Hmm! Thus be the case, if that person finds who is right for them & its not you, then that just leaves you where u started in the first. Alone! Thus its to find that someone where your both right for each other.

  3. I believe the say'n implies that if you find the "person" who is for you, then in the same sense your the person for then! I wld hope! lol


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