Imagine Cup 2010 Update

The long awaited day has finally arrived. The day when Team EDUC8 gets to present their solution, eSCAPE, to a panel of judges in a bid to progress to the second round of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010. The guys have been working nonestop since arriving to ensure that a viable solution is available. With little or no sleep the previous night, the team kicks off the day with a competition briefing at 8:30AM. We are expecting to present at around 12:00 but find out that we're going in at 6:00PM instead. Not a problem. That means some extra time to get some shuteye before the big moment.

The time to present is fast approaching. We're working out bugs that decide to pop up, and make final revisions to our presentation script. We move to the presentation room, quickly set and await the the judges entry. They arrive a few minutes before our scheduled time and as the clock hits 6:00PM we begin.

It was a shaky start but the guys quickly recovered and settled into their flow. There is 20 minutes to present and we complete everything in 19. The 15 minutes of Q&A begin and the judges start throwing questions right out the gate. As the questions pop up the answers are returned. In the end, the judges are impressed with our solution and give some advice that relates to getting it on the market. We are confident that we'll be going through to the second round but we won't know for a few hours so we decide to visit the mall that's close by.

The time finally arrives for the results to be announced. We hurredly consume our dinner and head over to the announcement hall. 68 countries, only 12 can advance.

"The teams that will advance are...."
1. Malaysia,
2. Finland,
3. Ukraine,
4. Serbia,
5. Malta,
6. Morocco....

They're halfway there. We still have a chance.....
7. Singapore,
8. Germany,
9. Thailand,
10. Croatia,
11. NZ &
12. Brazil.

The Imagine Cup world title eludes us again for the second consecutive year. Our quest ends but our experiences are far from over.

MOre to come as we meet new people and share our culture and individuality with our new found friends.


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