Back to the Dark Side (not that I ever left)

It's been quite a while since I've made an update to my blog. At one point I was inspired to start a sunny, cheery blog. That inspiration lasted all of two (2) posts and here I am again.

The reality for me is simply that the dark side is where I'm comfortable. The dark side is where I call home. It's actually loads of fun even though you wouldn't notice due to the lack of expression.

So....back to the ranting and raving......


  1. The dark side u r used to becuz d dark side is comfortable and no1 likes to leave their comfort zone. as well as the dark side is free of the burdens of emotions, it is free of human disloyalty, it is free of human pain and dysfunctional lifestyle. the dark side is comfortable and i know this becuz i am there...

    have u ever thought of crossing over?


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